Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning a Pool

I can see it now: a sweltering summer afternoon filled with iced tea, tanning oil, and oversized beach balls all while relaxing poolside not at a Florida resort or the community pool, but right in my own backyard. Are you envisioning yourself next to an in ground or above ground pool? That is the first decision to make. Above ground pools are a lot less expensive, but do not add as much to your property both aesthetically and price value wise. Many of the same considerations for both an above and in ground pool need to be taken, but for sake of confusion I will address the good and bad aspects of an in ground pool.  

First and foremost, let's consider the cost of a pool. You have a couple of different options when you chose to build a pool. Fiberglass, concrete, and vinyl-liner are your choices in regards to the material and type of pool to build. Fiberglass pools are the most expensive and will require the least maintenance than the two latter, while vinyl- liner pools generally require the least upfront costs, but need the most maintenance. Other costs to consider besides materials and labor for the building of the pool area landscaping, permit costs, and yearly maintenance. Financing for the building of the pool is of course available from many different builders, but you must factor in the long- term commitments to keeping your pool legal both in your city and through your homeowner's association (if applicable) as well as the costs of chemical and cleaning treatments and winterizing the pool for the cold seasons.  

In a social setting having a pool can make your house the place to be in the summertime. This can be both a good and bad thing. Having a great setting to host parties for both yourself and your children can be a lot of fun and give you more quality time to spend with your friends and family, but you should take into consideration the social downfalls of owning a pool. Needing a weekend by yourself and some time to relax without worrying about hosting a poolside BBQ?  The summer can fly by fast when many of your weekends are consumed by either being the host or chaperon of your pool events. By adding a pool to your backyard you often are volunteering yourself as the neighborhood hang out spot especially if you have children.

If you have younger children, a pool may seem like more of a burden than fun if you have to spend your time worrying about their safety. As for older children, a pool in the backyard can entice your teenagers to spend more time at home which can be a great thing, but also think about the moments when you may have to lay down the law if their guests become unruly. It might be worth it to hold off on building a pool when your empty nest needs a new project and you won't have to worry about neither the safety nor the wildness of your guests.

Many different aspects of owning a pool should be thought about before you make the jump. These couple points of thought are just a starting point in the conversation you need to have with yourself and your family before committing to the lifestyle of having a pool in the backyard. I hope this information was helpful.  

Would you ever own a pool?  If you do have one, do you have any personal stories you would like to share about the pros and cons?

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