Fishers Indiana ranch homes can be found in every price range, from budget-friendly family starter homes to sprawling custom residences in the town's most presitigious neighborhoods.

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Why Buy a Fishers Ranch Home?

Fishers Ranch HomesFor most people, the outstanding feature of ranch homes is... NO STAIRS to climb! But there are plenty of other benefits to buying a Fishers ranch home, including:

Wide Open Spaces

Ranch homes often feature open floor plans with large living spaces. A favorite ranch floor plan is the split bedroom with the master on one side of the house and the secondary bedrooms on the other. It allows for plenty of privacy but, unlike two-stories with the master on the main, you don't have to climb the stairs to check on the kids!

Heating and Cooling Efficiency

Summers in Fishers can get pretty warm, and keeping a second story comfortable during the hottest months can cost you. Even in the winter you're likely to find yourself freezing downstairs and boiling upstairs. You'll have to compensate by ratcheting up the thermostat, adding a second HVAC unit or installing window units. A ranch home, on the other hand, heats and cools evenly which means you can set the thermostat at a moderate temperature throughout the year.

Cleaning is a Breeze

Let's face it: rolling the vacuum cleaner from one end of the house to the other is a lot easier than lugging it up and down stairs. Thus, it's more likely to happen! And if you have to clean in a hurry you'll appreciate being able to zip through the house tossing things into their proper spot (or the nearest closet).

Resale Resurgance

During the bedazzled decades of the 80s and 90s two-story McMansions became the home style of choice in Fishers and throughout the country. But as today's buyers reflect on the lessons of the housing meltdown (Lesson #1: McMansions are difficult to keep up with in more ways than one) ranch homes are regaining popularity for their simplicity and functionality. When it comes to resale, Fishers ranch homes often command a higher price per square foot than their two-story counterparts.

Fishers Indiana Ranch Homes for Sale

Most Fishers neighborhoods have at least a few ranch floor plans; some, like Lake Stonebridge and Indigo Lake, are made up primarily of ranch homes. Avalon of Fishers and Anderson Hall are new construction neighborhoods in Fishers that have some fantastic ranch style floor plans.

Ranch homes are a great choice for young families, empty nesters and just about everyone in between. If you think a ranch home might be for you, search here to see all Fishers ranch homes for sale.