question markThe Hamilton County house I plan to buy is only a few years old and it's in really good condition. I don't need a home inspection do I?

YESSSS! You do! And here's why:

Home inspections can provice peace of mind. Although a home inspection can cost several hundred dollars (depending on the age and size of the home) it will be the best money you ever spent. Since a home inspection is essentially a professional evaluation of the major mechanical and structural systems of a property, it can reveal crucial information about the condition of the home. Even though everything may look great on the surface, you never know what lies beneath!

Home inspections can minimize costly surprises down the road. If serious defects are revealed during the inspection, you have the opportunity to request that the seller make repairs or offer you a credit to make those repairs yourself. If you wait until after closing to discover necessary repairs, the cost is all on you. A typical home inspection includes examination of the following:

• External conditions & surfaces
• Roof, attic, insulation & ventilation
• Plumbing & electrical systems
• Appliances
• Heating & cooling systems
• Foundations, slabs & floors
• Walls & ceilings
• Garage, walls & driveway
• Basement & crawl space

Additional inspections and tests such as termite and radon also may be performed at your request and at an additional cost. And remember that some tests or inspections may be required by your lender.

Home inspections can help you understand how your home's systems work. As the buyer it's important to be present for the home inspection. An inspector can show you how to operate the home’s systems and may offer helpful maintenance tips as well. Attending the inspection will also help you make better sense of the final written report. 

For more information about the home buying process, contact your Hamilton County real estate agent.