question markI want to sell my Hamilton County home quickly and for the most money possible. What is the best way to make that happen?


Price. It. Right. From the beginnning. Correctly pricing a listing is the most critical component to getting it sold. According to research by Keller Williams Realty, when you set the right listing price your house is more likely to:

Spend Less Time on the Market. Homes priced at market value typically sell in half the number of days as homes that are overpriced.

Net More Money. Sellers who price their house correctly from the beginning are likely to net a higher percentage of their asking price at sale.

Create Less Hassle. A home that is priced right requires fewer showings before getting an offer. And fewer showings mean less work for the seller.

Generate More Multiple Offers. Homes that are priced right often receive multiple offers, which can lead to a higher sales price. Multiple offers put the seller in control by providing more options to choose from.

Require Fewer Price Reductions. Price reductions can end up costing a seller time and money. A home that is priced at market value often it won’t need a price reduction before it receives an offer.