Indiana Homestead Tax Verification Forms must be filed with the appropriate county auditor by January 1, 2013. Homeowners who fail to file will lose a valuable deduction that saves substantially on property taxes.

For the past three years homeowners have received an Indiana Homestead Verification Form with their tax bills. The form - easily identified by its pretty pink color - verifies residency and allow homeowners to claim the Homestead Tax Exemption. Homeowners who don't file the verification may have their exemption removed beginning with the 2012-pay-2013 property tax bills.  

Indiana Homestead Tax Verification Form facts

  • The homestead verification form was mailed with 2010, 2011 and 2012 tax bills and must have been completed at least once by January 1, 2013. If you already submitted the form it is not necessary to do it again. Forms can be mailed in to the county auditor's office following the directions on the form.
  • Every individual or married couple currently claiming the homestead deduction will receive the form. (Some counties may mail the form to every taxpayer, even those not claiming the homestead deduction.) Individuals and married couples are limited to one homestead standard deduction.
  • Individuals or married couples claiming the deduction must complete this form to verify eligibility and to provide identification numbers (the last five digits of both the driver’s license and social security numbers), which will be used to populate a secure homestead database and prevent homestead fraud.
  • Homeowners can check online to confirm their Indiana Homestead Tax Verification Form has been filed. 
  • Indiana Homestead Tax Verification Forms can be found online along with additional information about Indiana property tax deductions.

Other tax deduction reminders

If you bought a home or refinanced your home this year, you have until Dec. 31st to file for both your mortgage tax deduction and your homestead deduction, if you are eligible. Your Indiana property tax deductions must be filed by the Dec. 31 deadline in order to receive credit on next year’s property tax payments.

Remember that these deductions can save you THOUSANDS of dollars. So File it or Forget It!