The Top 5 Must Have Features for first-time home buyers, according to a 2011 study by Avid, are:

Walk-in closets - 65.9%
Energy Efficient Appliances - 54.9%
Linen Closet - 52.5%
Large Kitchen - 50.5%
Overall Energy Efficiency - 42.1%

These must-have features for first-time home buyers reflect national home buying trends that emphasize ample storage, green living, and functionality in the form of home offices, kitchen islands and upstairs laundry rooms.

Indianapolis first-time home buyers should know that not every home will have every feature first-time home buyers seek. That's why drafting a list of important features and then prioritizing those features can be helpful to first-time home buyers, or anyone shopping for a new home. Knowing which amenities you can compromise on and which you absolutely can't budge on will make your home search much easier.

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