Hamilton County homeowners can't go wrong by creating a light filled, clutter-free kitchen at the heart of the home.


by Jennifer Riley Simone, Case Design/Remodeling Indy

Whether you’re planning to sell your Hamilton County home or to stay put, kitchen remodeling adds value to both your home and lifestyle. As the most frequently used room in the home, your kitchen must fill multiple roles, in addition to being the place where you and your family cook and eat meals together.

Today’s kitchen is a space to do homework and pay bills, a place for reconnecting with family members at the end of a busy day, and a haven for gourmet cooking and entertaining. At the same time, the style and design of a current kitchen reflects the need for peace and tranquility in a busy, over-stimulating world.

These are the top five trends that kitchen remodeling contractors are integrating into contemporary Indianapolis-area kitchen designs.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends Hamilton County1. Cutting-edge appliances. If there’s one thing an updated kitchen must have it’s top-of-the-line appliances. As stainless steel, Energy Star appliances become commonplace, trendy kitchens are leaning toward hidden appliances that blend with cabinetry, restaurant-quality workhorses, and unique machines that help busy cooks streamline meal preparation and cleanup.

2. Clean lines. Contemporary styles are leading the way toward a sleek, clutter-free kitchen. A major trend in kitchen design right now is a “less is more” attitude,  focusing on keeping countertops clutter-free, storage solutions that give everything a place out of view, and decorating styles that emphasize a  few accent pieces.

3. Easily accessible storage. Innovative storage solutions work hand-in-hand with the streamlined look of a contemporary kitchen design. Not only does smart storage keep unsightly kitchen clutter like trash and recycling out of view, but it also puts our most frequently-used tools and appliances within arm’s reach when and where we need them the most.

4. Islands with amenities. Kitchen islands are becoming commonplace in updated homes with good reason. Adding an island to a kitchen space can be like adding a second kitchen or workstation. Islands and peninsulas create extra seating, countertop space, and cabinet storage. In addition, they provide the space to house extra amenities like second sinks and dishwasher units, creating dual prepping and cleanup stations.

5. Light and open space. Owners of small, cramped kitchens are sacrificing walls to open the space up to the rest of the home, to let in more natural light, and to make room for that ever-important island or peninsula. Natural light and an open room with plenty of negative space are two basics of current kitchen design that work together to create an oasis of tranquility in the center of the home.

About the author. Jennifer Riley Simone works at Case Design/Remodeling Indy. She writes about design trends and a variety of home remodeling topics in Indianapolis.